but why is it so hot!?


Right then, I’m finally doing this.

Do you like languages, traveling, and exploring foreign cultures? If your answer is yes  then NSLI-Y is right for you! If you read this blog everday and follow my instructions carefully then…yeah no, lets try that again.

Welcome to my Explorers Journal, join me as I navigate through Morocco, a land of snake charmers and dangerous single-humped camels. Where survival is…okay okay, I’ll be serious now, promise.

Umm hey guys and welcome to my blog. About 4 months ago I got the most amazing baffling overwhelming news of my life (at least since discovering that Mila Kunis is Meg from Family Guy): selected for the National Secur…NSLI-Y Summer Abroad Scholarship, basically an all expense paid trip to study the Arabic Language for 6 weeks in one of the coolest country’s ever…Morocco!!!

Fast forward, 4 months, 4000 miles and at least 40 degrees hotter, I’m currently typing in front of an ancient Dell Inspiron (that still runs Windows XP by the way), on a bay window in my host families living room, trying to figure out what the heck I wanna talk about.

I’ve been in the charming city of Marrakesh for roughly a week now, trying to learn Arabic, specifically the Moroccan dialect called Darija. The journey to Marrakech can be described eleqoently as “not easy,” “long,” “exhausting,” or “all part of the adventure.” I won’t really get into all the details and summarize it effectively as New York-Dulles-Arlington-D.C-Dulles-DeGaulle-Paris Shuttle Service-Casa-Dar America-Great Schism-Desert-Desert-Desert-lo and behold Marrakech. (For more details please visit another Arabic Summer 2017 blog. I’m sure the tale is absolutely riveting.) The most important detail of the journey is that we set off 33 strong, with our hearts on our chests, our fanny packs at our waists, ready to face the world. The journey was arduous at times, and men’s hearts are nothing if not fickle. We lost 13 near the end, in the land of sandy beaches and ocean breeze, so with a heavy heart, we parted ways.

– al gharib



I apologize for this abrupt ending and this post in general, I needed to publish something, or else I would hqve ended up putting off the blog for another week at least…so Sme7lya/Sem7ilya. Today’s Eid in Morocco (Muslim Christmas) and I have to get ready for Salat ul Eid in an hour. I’ll  give you guys a proper update on Darija, Eid, and just life in Marrakech so far as soon as I can, Inchallah, in the mean time, Eid Mubarak, Ma’assalama!